Monday, January 25, 2016

Book Titles to Grab Your Attention More than Wet Your Appetite

The boy and I found ourselves perusing the shelves at the local bookstore during our date night the other night (as is often apt to happen), and I couldn't help but notice how bizarre book titles are these days.

Now granted, as a new author myself, I definitely understand how impossible hard it is to get your book out there for people to see, so I get why titles are getting more and more ridiculous. about things that make you go hmmm...

I like to imagine that the idea for "Put an Egg on it" went something like this:

"Hey, gram-gram? Do you still use all these old cookbooks in this cupboard?" Ms. Lara Ferroni asks as she's helping her aging grandmother clear out her junk before she's nominated for that getting-rid-of-junk tv show

"What's that, Snicker Doodle? I can't hear over all that racket." Gram-gram gums her response (there is no racket)

"I bet you ten bucks you can't take one of those old books, just add an egg to every recipe, and successfully sell it in a bookstore." Lara's brother eggs her on (pun fully intended). 

"You're on!" (Lara isn't one to turn down a bet). 

In the corner of the display is "Gluten is My Bitch," which I imagine is inspired by the somehow popular "Skinny Bitch." Although I'm a bit confused if that means we like gluten or we don't like gluten in that book? Are we claiming dominance over it because we scarf it up like a jaguar polishing off a small bunny, or are we saying we're better than it? I guess I could have opened it up to clarify, but I was feeling a bit tired from taking the picture, so picking it up in reality seemed like a bit too much effort. Probably because I ate too much gluten at dinner. 

"Two Moms in the Raw." Admittedly, I've purchased my fair share of their products. They hang out at our farmers market and are lovely lovely women. And, also admittedly, I think their name is hilariously awesome, but it just goes to show: scandalous wins. It's also somehow appropriate that Betty Boop is falling into an egg cup in the front of the display. I don't know. 

"Vegan Without Borders" seems a little misleading because I'm pretty sure veganism is surrounded by borders on all sides: 

(I'm not making fun, vegans...I'm more or less one of you, but still, let's call it what it is)
(I'm also not sure why I chose Utah to be Vegan Ville...don't judge me, Utahans)

"Thug Kitchen"?? I don't even know what that means...This video was of no help

"High Times Cannabis Cookbook." Yes, okay fine, I live in Colorado, but still... we're all just getting used to figuring out how to cook with kale, do we really need gourmet weed recipes?

So then, I left the cookbooks and landed on pure gold. THIS is what we should be reading, America. This is solid reading material. I bought two copies


  1. Hahah these are definitely very creative and funny titles for cooking books, might just purchase one judging from the name, they must be good. Thanks for the amusing post, looking forward to more!